Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jannelle Priego in the June/July Source Magazine

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Anastasia Garcia and Symmone in Assets Magazine

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Anastasia Garcia in Yung Ralph "Like This" Video

Make sure you check out Ghost Model and Video Vixen Anastasia Garcia's lead role in Yung Ralph's "Like This" video ft Wingo of Jagged Edge

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tracey Renee - Ghost Model Casting Network Model of

Name: Tracey Renee
Ethnicity: Black & Puerto Rican
Age: 23
Birth Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Ettrick, VA
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Measurements: 34-26-36
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 126
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Fav Movie: Coming to America
Fav TV Show: America’s Next Top Model
Fav Music: R & B and Ol’ School
Fav Sport: Football (Dallas Cowboys for life!)
Fav Food: Shake ‘n’ Bake Pork Chops

*How did you get into the industry?

While modeling at the DUB Car Show I met a friend who got me a shoot with SHOW magazine. I was chosen to be a SHOW Web Gem.

*What do your friends and family think of your

I’m really blessed to have to support of my family and my man (He happens to be a videographer). My mother has told since I was a child I would be a great actress and/or model. My sister even suggested I should pose for Playboy!

*What are your career goals after modeling?

I want to build my own empire (who doesn’t?) of course! Tracey Renee the Model, Tracey Renee the Boutique, Tracey Renee the Restaurant, Tracey Renee the Movie……….notice a pattern?

*If you had the chance to accomplish anything in this industry
what would it be?

To grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

*What other talents do you have which may help you reach your

Besides my love for the fashion world (I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was 4 years old) I have an extremely creative mind. I like thinking on a big scale. I have worked in customer service and for the last 9 years. Since I’m already a people person, my experience allows me to be professional at the right times as well. I know how to draw which will enables me to create my own designs. My most important talent is my drive within myself to go hard or go

*What makes you different from other models?

First and foremost my beauty comes from the inside and it is genuine. After meeting or speaking to me once I believe it is easy to understand what makes me different besides how I look.
Physically I can look as if I could be from many different parts of the world.

*What are 3 things you can’t live without?

My daughter, food (I know I’m a model but I’m also a Foodie at heart!) and love (from my man, family, and friends).

*How do you balance modeling and a family?

# 1 is to not make excuses! I am a proud single parent and my daughter being in my life is my main source of inspiration. My family comes 1st however, each decision I make has to be a step
towards my goals. This is how I justify when I do need to spend time away from her. Having a family is never a good enough excuse for me not to pursue my dreams.

*What are some of your favorite cars and why?

All time favorite car is a mustang (a new Shelby GT and 1966)! I’m love going fast and this is my # 1 sports car! I also have a soft spot for old cars as well (I think it’s the southerner in me!). I
had a 1982 Chevy Caprice Coupe before but I would really prefer a mid- 80’s Monte Carlo! This lines on that car are so sexy to me!

*Before you were "sexy & sultry" what were you like?

I was a tomboy when I was a little girl! I liked climbing trees and catching critters. In school I was athletic as well and participated in sports too (track, cheerleading, softball). I didn’t like dresses when I was little either. Now I love pink and being a hot chick!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Recession earns models 50% paycuts

Apparently, the recession is blazing it's trail through the world of high fashion as well. Fashion designers are taking hits which trickles down to fashion models having to take pay cuts even as much as 50%

A recent report from Reuters states:

"...But at the haute couture shows in Paris, the leggy blondes in silk dresses who advertise a life of luxury are finding their world turned inside out by the economic crisis.

"Half price! It's half-price everywhere, in Milan, even in New York," cried Anna Chyzh, a 23-year-old from Kiev who had just changed out of a Stephane Rolland haute couture gown into jeans and was headed to the next show."

"...Shunned by scrimping shoppers amid rising unemployment and fears of a long, deep recession, retailers across the board have cut profit forecasts and marketing budgets.

Even larger luxury goods groups are feeling the pain. Richemont, the Swiss firm behind Montblanc pens and Cartier watches, announced earlier this year it saw no signs of a recovery after third-quarter sales missed forecasts.

Magazine publishers from Conde Nast, which owns Vogue, to Time Inc are seeing advertising sales dive, and the New York Times has said it expects sales to deteriorate further.

At the January fashion shows in Paris and Milan, a prime advertising opportunity for luxury brands, designers hired fewer models than last year. Models and agents are feeling the pinch."

"...At Premier Model Management in London, an agency that has represented Claudia Schiffer, clients who used to pay a daily rate of 3,000 pounds ($4,200) are now arriving with a budget of 1,500 pounds, director Aidan Jean-Marie told Reuters.

To weather the crisis, agencies are adjusting their mix of so-called "commercial models", who attract a steady stream of low-key jobs such as catalogue shoots, and pricier "image models" who appear on catwalks and magazine covers."

"You need both sides to survive the downturn, but the balance shifts slightly towards the commercial models," said Jean-Marie. "The catwalk girls are not your day-to-day girls, they are anomalies, with measurements they had when they were 16 and still have at 18."

"Karen Diamond, director at Models 1, the agency of supermodel Agyness Deyn, expects the full impact of the crisis to hit later this year since advertising budgets and show schedules are planned far in advance."

"Clients will go with established models rather than giving new faces a break, and it'll be tough for new girls," she said..."

Source Reuters article '"Half-price" fashion models tighten their belts' By Sophie Hardach

Monday, March 9, 2009

Your images need to have credibility to get you work

The boom of amateur modeling Web sites has created a dilemma for casting agents. Amateur and semi-professional photographers along with upcoming stylists read more spend inordinate amounts of time collaborating to create highly stylized images that can not only look good, but also make the subject “beautiful.” These types of images have flooded the market causing distrust in the industry.

The problem for casting agents and agencies is that the images are so manufactured, they can’t rely on them. Have you ever wondered why so few models from these Web sites ever get contracts with the big agencies? Now you know. Casting agents discount the images, the people who create them, and the models in them.

The name of a branded and renowned photographer on the image enhances your credibility and gets industry trust. Respected commercial photographers do not allow modifications to their images, and won’t put their names on pictures that are “manufactured” in Photoshop. That does not mean that the images are not retouched. It implies that they are retouched to industry standards that agencies accept and respect.

The date of the image is also important. All casting agents have been misled by out of date images, therefore a shot with a certified copyright date goes a long way in making them comfortable. A photographer who is well-known in the industry, along with copyright dates gets you the credibility you need to be successful as a model.

By Laurens Antoine, premiere photographer for FHM mag and more

It takes less than 5 seconds for a casting agent to reject you based on first impressions.

Modeling is a first impression business. To get work as a model you need to immediately capture the attention of casting agents. We use “casting agent” to describe agency bookers, photo editors, talent scouts, or anyone that makes the decision on your getting an assignment or signed. They all have one thing in common: Too many models and pictures to look at. Our high impact shots immediately get the attention needed to keep you in the game.

Casting agents rarely look at a complete modeling portfolio. Your comp card (or images you email) have to get you in the door, and the first few images in your modeling portfolio have to close the deal. We shoot for what we call “core” modeling portfolio images, which is what every model needs to get coveted assignments.